Our service uses inside information as well as our expert racing knowledge to generate our selections. We are very selective and only give our very best tips. Every selection that is advised is not given out unless we are 100% happy that we are making the right bet at a favourable price. If you are looking for 5-10 bets per day then this is NOT for you. Quality over quantity is our philosophy and the backbone to our success.

Selections are emailed direct to your inbox – usually the night before the race. Sometimes an additional email will be sent later on if further opportunities occur. Thoroughbred Betting implores all subscribers to only bet with money they can afford to lose.

We have an impressive strike rate and all our bets are made with a focus for long-term and reliable profits. We do have losing days – even occasionally losing weeks – but long term we make excellent returns. Our profits speak for themselves so check out our past results HERE.

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