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Our sole aim is to make you money! Having been banned from placing bets from almost every major UK bookmaker...


Our horse racing tipster services use inside information from our wealth of industry contacts. Believing in quality-over-quantity...


Check out all our results here and see how we can make you long-term profit from our horse racing tipster service.

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You have to approach this like a serious investment and not just having a laugh. Thats what these guys have taught me and now I earn over £1000 per month all thanks to them. Lovely people, lovely service!


These guys are class acts! Loads of winners and pretty consistent. Would recommend them to anyone!

Steven W

They have there ups with there downs like any other services but them but there is a lot more ups!!! Great service highly recommended

Steven Marshall

Out of the services I have ever used I must say these guys go way and beyond. All selections provide plenty of value and sticking to a staking plan your be quids in each month. A great service highly recommended.

John C

Minted after these boys sorted me out 3 months ago! Don't be a tool use them and make money!